About Promécanic

The Promécanic approach is based on its team's efficiency in finding the ideal formula for each project, with the end user as the focus of its concerns. At Promécanic, each resource assigned to a project is a devoted specialist aware of the importance of his contribution to the overall project. This makes it an effective team.

Excellence at every stage of a project

1. Bids

Bids are chosen based on resources and on our expertise. The Promécanic approach focuses on quality rather than quantity. The chosen bids are analyzed and evaluated carefully and presented within the requested time.

2. Developing vision and designing made-to-measure solutions

With the aim of offering an optimal solution with the client directly involved, draftsmen, designers and other Promécanic experts will devise a solid solution that meets end users' needs. This work goes beyond mere theoretical estimates and helps detect grey areas and potential hitches. Nothing is left to chance!

3. Estimates and bid preparation

A team of recognized industry experts assesses and fills out the bidding documents, making sure the solution is feasible. In some cases, estimators will analyze several scenarios to determine which one meets the client's final expectations most effectively. Every solution presented must be an optimal one.

4. Project management

All our project managers are experienced managers whose areas of experience go beyond a single skill. Their knowledge and expertise facilitate the coordination between the various parties, providing for efficient management of teams to deliver a quality product and meet the client's pre-established parameters, thereby ensuring harmonious execution of the work.

5. Project delivery

Top-notch expertise and compliance with deadlines and budgets are Promécanic's other main components of success. Project delivery starts with the response to the bid. Each subsequent stage is checked and double-checked to ensure that the project remains under the control of the resources assigned to it.

Full attention and follow-up go toward safety and environmental considerations as well as toward ensuring the quality of products and the use of reliable, high-performance equipment.

6. After-sale service

The Promécanic team provides a range of follow-ups necessary for the installations to operate properly. Maintenance contracts are available to maximize the equipment's yield, efficiency and life span.