About Promécanic

Through our thousands of successfully completed projects, we are especially proud of enhancing the day-to-day lives of a substantial number of people by making their work environment more comfortable and secure.

Our experience, based on in-depth knowledge of users' needs, enables us to conceptualize systems that result in spaces where a convivial and pleasing environment optimize the productivity of the people working there.

Top-notch resources

Our work teams consist of handpicked resources with skills and versatility, recognized by the Quebec Construction Commission. This excellence enables us to guarantee that every stage of a project is subject to rigororous follow-up and precise documentation.

Executives who are shareholders in the company

This involvement generates greater motivation and quality commitment with respect to our clients' goals, producing direct spinoffs for the company and the quality of services provided to our clients. The care taken by shareholder-executives with the various projects guarantees not only impeccable project execution but also that the end user will benefit from a comfortable space favouring productivity.

An optimal solution every time

Whether for a turnkey project or for plans and specifications, the experts at Promécanic are committed to delivering the optimal solution that meets the highest industry standards.

Our aim is to provide an optimized solution benefiting the end user. Our expertise in every area of electrical mechanics for buildings enables us to attain the perfect mix in the various elements producing comfort in a room.

We provide you with a formal commitment from a team you can count on in electrical mechanics for buildings.

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